Summary:  Makers No Forge Challenge 2018 sponsored by The Making Time Podcast and ennoLogic now open. Forged in Fire champions Mark Hopper and Jessica Collins to judge with Eric Leong and Paul Brach.

Summary:  The ennoLogic infrared thermometer models now come with a Quick-Start Guide to help users become familiar with the  temperature guns quickly. The guide features instructions including battery installation, laser and backlight on and off functions and adjustable emissivity settings and how to set them..

Summary:  The ennoLogic eT650D helps bakers measure temperatures throughout the baking process. From measuring water temperatures for activating yeast to scanning the baking stone, the ennoLogic non-contact IR thermometer helps bakers get the crispy crust and fluffy interior that makes artisan bread so delicious.

Summary: Accurate measurements of high ceilings, windows or other out of reach spaces become a simple one-man tasks with a laser distance meter. The eD560L laser tape measure from ennoLogic provides fast accurate measurements at distances up to 196 feet with an accuracy of 1/64 inch.

Summary:  Different materials radiate energy at different rates; therefore, when using an infrared thermometer, an adjustable emissivity setting delivers more accurate results. The ennoLogic eT650D infrared thermometer allows users to adjust the emissivity
which enables users to get accurate measurements from a variety of materials.

Summary: EnnoLogic announces a special Black Friday discount on the multi-use anemometer eA980R which measures 8 weather parameters including wind speed, wind chill, air temperature, humidity, heat index, dew point, barometric pressure, and pressure altitude. The special deal is available at and

Summary: Early in 2017, ennoLogic launched an ongoing campaign partnering with  to plant trees in the tropics to protect local watersheds, endangered natural environs and restore tropical forest lands.  With the purchase of ennoLogic products, customers helped ennoLogic to plant over 5,500 trees to date.

Summary: The ennoLogic eT650D infrared thermometer has garnered great reviews from customers who rave about the versatility and accuracy of the thermometer. From automotive diagnostics to insulating the attic, customers have found a wide-range of uses for the ennoLogic infrared thermometer.

Summary: This holiday season keep friends and family safe from foodborne illnesses with the ennoLogic infrared thermometer. Use this non-contact thermometer to instantly measure food and refrigerator temperatures with a point and click ensuring refrigerated foods are below 40°F and cooked foods are ready to serve.

Summary: RV owners can use the ennoLogic laser thermometer to troubleshoot, diagnose, and perform routine checks on automotive systems, interior living and food storage areas and dozens of other details to help keep their RV running smoothly for years of enjoyment on the open road.

Summary: Managers and food service workers use the ennoLogic eT650D infrared thermometer to monitor temperatures of ready-to-eat and frozen foods to ensure food safety. The easy-to-use, non-contact temperature gun makes for easy spot checking of temperatures of the frozen and hot foods, refrigeration and heating units.

Summary: The ability to quickly and accurately measure temperatures of the ingredient mixtures during the complex process of soap making helps soap makers get great results. The eT650D infrared temperature gun by ennoLogic gives soap makers a non-contact tool to quickly scan mixtures to reach the precise temperatures needed to produce high-quality soaps.

Summary: Mechanics and auto owners can use ennoLogic’s eT650D infrared thermometer to troubleshoot, diagnose, and perform routine checks on automotive systems. From checking brake and tire temperatures, heating and cooling systems to fan belts and radiators, infrared thermometers can greatly  improve results of automotive diagnoses.

Summary: EnnoLogic’s eT650D non-contact infrared thermometer provides quick and versatile measurements that can improve cooking results for professionals and amateurs alike. The scan function provides fast accurate temperature readings of cooking oils, grill surfaces and baking stones delivering the information cooks need for best results.

Summary: Candle makers use the eT650D IR thermometer to take the guesswork out of candle making, checking hot wax pouring temperatures, cooling times and more. EnnoLogic’s eT650D temp gun allows candlemakers to set an audible alarm that will sound when target temperatures are reached.

Summary: Because reptiles are cold-blooded and rely on external temperatures to regulate body temperature, reptile owners must monitor and regulate enclosure temperatures. The ennoLogic eT650D non-contact temperature gun easily measures surface temperatures within reptile enclosures so reptile owners can create healthy habitats for their pets.

Summary: Pizza chefs and home bakers can use the ennoLogic infrared thermometer to deliver the perfect pizzas every time. The non-contact thermometer measures the temperature of the oven floor or pizza stone, so the baker knows exactly when the baking surface is ready for baking.

Summary: The ennoLogic eT650D non contact IR temperature gun provides an a􀃗ordable solution to assist in trouble shooting and diagnosing heating and cooling issues for the HVAC professional, professional home inspector, home repair specialist and homeowner alike.

Summary: Quick and accuratenon-contact temperature readings across a wide range of materials provide safe and accurate results for HVAC professionals, home cooks and hobbyists alike.

Summary: Homeowners can save on heating bills by using an ennoLogic infrared thermometer  to quickly discover insulation problems and address them before major heat loss occurs. Detecting missing insulation without having to remove wallboard or paneling makes the job far less expensive for the homeowner.

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