EnnoLogic Infrared Thermometer Makes Anyone the Master of the Kitchen

Eugene, Oregon: The ennoLogic eT650D dual laser infrared thermometer quickly and accurately measures surface temperatures without direct contact making it easy to improve cooking skills. The non-contact thermometer can also ensure foods are cooked to, and held at food-safe temperatures.

Measure Oil Temperature in Stir Fry and Sauté Pans for Healthy Delicious Meals

The ennoLogic eT650D infrared thermometer makes tracking the temperature of cooking oil in a stir fry or sauté pan fast and easy. Adding the foods to be stir fried or sautéed only after the oil has reached a high enough temperature to cook the food is easier too, and helps avoid saturating the food in unheated oil, which can lead to sodden and greasy tasting dishes.

Uset he ennoLogic IR Temp Gun To Measure Grill Grate Temperatures for the Perfect Grilled Meats and Seafood.

The thermometer also makes it easier to avoid adding foods too late, after the oil has passed its smoke point, thus preventing the health risks and unpleasant taste of burned oils. Trans-fats created by over-heated oils have recently been linked to major health risks, so avoiding the overheating of cooking oils is an important part of healthy cooking. Maintaining cooking temperatures in the pan that are below the smoke points of the cooking oils ensures healthy, delicious food and avoids spoiled meals and wasted ingredients. A list of smoke points for a wide variety of cooking oils can be found on Wikipedia here.

Make the Perfect Pizza

The ennoLogic non-contact infrared thermometer delivers the information needed to bake the perfect pizza every time. Scanning the surface of the baking or pizza stone before placing the pizza in the oven will reveal the stone’s temperature. An oven set to 450ºF will sound the ‘oven temperature reached’ alarm and stop preheating at 450ºF, but a baking stone can continue to rise in temperature well after the oven air temperature has been reached. An oven temperature of 450ºF can produce a baking stone temperature of 485ºF (the perfect pizza crust temperature) by simply waiting an extra ten to fifteen minutes after the oven air temperature is reached. Scanning the baking stone with the ennoLogic infrared thermometer will reveal precisely what the stone’s surface temperature is, before the pizza is placed into the oven for baking, taking the guess work out of pizza making and producing the crisp delicious pizza everyone hopes for when making homemade pizza while avoiding the dreaded burnt crust.

 A Barbeque Set To Perfection

Scanning the grate of the BBQ grill with the ennoLogic eT650D non-contact IR thermometer is a fast and easy way to know if the barbeque has reached the optimum grilling temperature required for the type of food being grilled.  Use the infrared thermometer to quickly assess the hot and cool spots on the grate to use for grilling and resting meats, vegetables and other foods until ready to serve. With the ennoLogic non-contact thermometer there’s no more risk of over cooking on the barbeque grill. Simple scanning reveals exactly where foods should be placed for grilling, resting or to remove entirely from the heat to avoid further heat when it is ready.

 About ennoLogic: ennoLogic is a brand of high-quality electronics products with a focus on measurement and test instruments. The brand’s goal is to offer reliable, accurate, high-quality technology products at affordable prices, backed by exceptional customer service and support. The ennoLogic brand was founded in 2013 in Eugene, Oregon.

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