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Infrared Thermometers and the Coronavirus

The recent spread of coronavirus has led to an increased interest in using infrared thermometers to scan for fevers in people. While scanning the forehead or ear canal of a person can yield a relatively accurate reading of their body temperature when using a properly calibrated medical infrared thermometer, these instruments should only be used

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infrared thermometer calibration and NIST certification

NIST Certification of IR Thermometers

We offer an optional NIST certificate for our infrared thermometers. Read this article to learn more about NIST and NIST certificates, NIST traceability, and to decide whether a NIST certified unit is right for your needs. NIST – The National Institute of Standards and Technology Let’s start by explaining what NIST means. NIST is the

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food safety - packing meat at food processing facility

Keeping Food Safe with an IR Thermometer

Infrared Thermometers can Improve Accuracy and Efficiency in Food Safety Quality Control Processes The CDC reports over 3,000 deaths and over 47 million cases of foodborne illness every year in the United States. While these numbers may seem staggering, there has actually been a great deal of improvement in food safety controls in recent years,

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the ultimate emissivity table

The Ultimate Emissivity Table

In one of our past articles, we have introduced the concept of emissivity and how a material’s emissivity affects the accuracy of our temperature gun readings. You may have experienced discrepancies when reading temperatures of rare or shiny materials. In our previous emissivity article, you discovered that different materials may require different emissivity settings in

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bug out bag essentials so you don't miss anything important for your survival

10 Bug Out Bag Essentials 🎒 for the Zombie Apocalypse🧟

Okay, so maybe there won’t be a zombie apocalypse… 🤥 But you should still be prepared for the unexpected. Depending on your location on the planet there are all kinds of unexpected and unpleasant possibilities these days, and sadly, they seem to be increasing. Whether it’s a wildfire, tsunami, tornado, an earthquake, volcanic eruption, a hurricane,

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Woman Bakes a Perfect Pizza witht he ennoLogic IR Thermometer to Measure her Pizza Stone.

🍕 Perfect Pizza Made Easy with a Laser Temperature Gun

Perhaps there is no better-loved food in all the world than a piping hot, crispy, crunchy gooey cheesy perfect pizza. Whether your favorite is Hawaiian with Canadian bacon and pineapple, a Gorgonzola extravaganza, Vegan ‘alt-cheese’ and fresh tomatoes, peppers and ripe olives, a white sauce specialty with chicken, or a spicy pepperoni –  just thinking

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