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eH710T ennoLogic moisture meter in Hold mode

Using the Moisture Meter Material Setting

Getting Started The ennoLogic Moisture Meter eH710T allows you to measure many different types of materials for moisture content, including wood, drywall, carpet, concrete, and many more. The meter’s material setting has 7 different materials to choose from.

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Moisture Meter: 8 Reasons You Need It in Your Home Toolbox

Reserve a Space for the Moisture Meter in Your Home Toolbox Pretty much everyone knows you should have a home toolbox with a few essential items ready to use. Things like a good hammer, screwdrivers, a set of socket wrenches, a good pipe wrench, a roll of duct tape. Stuff like that. But a moisture meter?

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Grilling with a Himalayan Salt Block

Himalayan Salt Block Temperature Tracking

No matter how you plan to use your Himalayan salt block, you will want to know what temperature it is when you are cooking, chilling or serving fresh foods with it. Use the ennoLogic eT650D infrared non-contact thermometer to get an instant, accurate and safe reading of the temperature of your salt block. The eT650D

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automotive diagnostics: measuring coolant temperature in car with temperature gun eT650D

Using an Automotive Infrared Thermometer for Diagnostics

Pole Position in Automotive Diagnostics One of the most exciting and useful applications of a dual laser temperature gun, such as the ennoLogic eT650D, is as an automotive infrared thermometer. Use the temperature gun to troubleshoot, diagnose and perform routine spot checking of car system performance for everything from brakes to radiators, HVAC system, and engine timing.

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measuring oven pizza stone or tile temperature with eT650D infrared thermometer in the kitchen for that perfect pizza

Maximizing Your Infrared Thermometer in the Kitchen

How to Get the Most Out of Your eT650D Infrared Thermometer in the Kitchen You’ll be surprised at how many different uses you can find for an infrared thermometer in the kitchen. You can use it while cooking, tracking heat of frying oil, making sure foods are not too cold and not too hot, and

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measuring heating vent temperature with the ennoLogic temperature gun eT650D

Great Uses for Your ennoLogic Dual Laser Temperature Gun

The Temperature Gun Is the Most Versatile Gadget You Can Get for Your Home The ennoLogic temperature gun with dual laser is the perfect tool for measuring temperature in a variety of applications. It’s great for measuring the temperature of hard to reach air conditioning and heating vents. It’s also great for checking for heat

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