EnnoLogic Introduces Quick Start Guide for its Line of Infrared Thermometers

The ennoLogic line of infrared thermometers has a new Quick Start guide to help users get up and running fast with ennoLogic’s non-contact dual laser temperature guns.

The instant read thermometers are available in standard and high temperature formats. The standard temperature range model eT650D, measures temperatures between -58ºF and 1202ºF. The eT650D thermometer is popular with professional food safety managers, pizza shops, chefs, auto-mechanics and HVAC experts. It also has a large following of amateur and professional candle and soap makers, home cooks, reptile owners and others who need a reliable way to measure temperatures without direct contact with the measured surface. The ennoLogic eT650D infrared temperature gun provides quick and accurate results across a wide range of material surfaces for fast accurate temperature readings.

The high temperature range model, eT1050D measures temperatures between -58ºF and 1922ºF, and is most popular with metal workers, forgers and knife makers who require the ability to spot check and read temperatures at a higher temperature range throughout the metal working process.

Both models feature dual laser siting for high target accuracy, large easy-to-read backlight display screens, user adjustable laser and backlight on and off function, and user adjustable emissivity function with a range of 0.10 to 1.00. Both instruments also offer scanning, hands-free-operation, tracking of minimum, maximum and average temperatures across a range of readings with user controlled audible alarm settings.

“We’ve had a lot of customers tell us how much the advanced features help them in their work and hobby projects,” says Chris Johnston of ennoLogic. “But we also realized that some of the questions our customer service reps were handling were easily identifiable and tended to be repetitive over time. We thought it would serve the customers well to have a simple step-by-step guide to take them through some of the most commonly used features of the thermometer without having to dig through the rather extensive manual to find what they were looking for,” he added.

The Quick-Start Guide is designed to do just what it says, give users a quick and easy introduction to using their new IR thermometer with as little hassle and fuss as possible.”

The new Quick-Start Guide is available on the ennoLogic website at the bottom of every one of the four infrared thermometer model product pages in the documentation section. It is also sent out to customers with the email order confirmation as a pdf attachment.

“The new Quick-Start Guide seems to be a hit,” says Johnston, who adds, “We’re very pleased with the final Guide and it has been gratifying to hear from customers how helpful it is.”

About ennoLogic: ennoLogic is a brand of high-quality electronics products with a focus on measurement and test instruments. The brand’s goal is to offer reliable, accurate, high-quality technology products at affordable prices, backed by exceptional customer service and support. The ennoLogic brand was founded in 2013 in Eugene, Oregon.

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