Pet Owners Find Temperature Gun Helps Maintain a Healthy Reptile Enclosure

Eugene, Oregon: Because reptiles are ectothermic, or cold-blooded, monitoring the temperature of the surfaces within the reptile habitat is imperative to reptile’s health. It is critical that reptiles can regulate body temperature by moving between hot and cooler areas within the habitat. This makes collecting reliable temperature data within the enclosure an important part of keeping reptiles healthy.

Zoos, pet stores, and reptile shows use non-contact infrared thermometers to optimize the habitat and health of the reptiles within an enclosure. With ennoLogic’s eT650D non-contact infrared temperature gun, professional, amateur and hobby reptile owners can create healthy reptile enclosures.

An infrared thermometer allows reptile owners to quickly and reliably measure temperature variations within an enclosure to determine instantly if conditions are too warm or too cold for the reptiles in their care. The instant readings provide the information reptile owners need to make decisions that will protect the health of the reptile.

“Using a non-contact temperature gun allows reptile owners to create the perfect temperature in their reptile habitats, giving their pets a comfortable and healthy home,” states Chris Johnston of ennoLogic. “Often, reptiles will hide rather than come out in the open under a heat lamp, even when they need more heat and may become chilled in their hiding places. Pet owners can use the infrared thermometer to take surface temperature readings within the enclosure. Then, place hiding spaces in areas that will stay warm enough to keep the reptile comfortable.”

The non-contact temperature gun can be used to take surface temperature readings of the animals themselves, allowing owners to directly measure skin temperature of the reptile and avoid setting heat lamps too close. This also allows owners to confirm that the reptiles are basking at ideal temperatures. This also enables owners to ensure that temperature changes outside the enclosure don’t affect the reptile.

“Additionally, using a non-contact infrared temperature gun allows owners to take measurements without disrupting the reptiles within the enclosures.,” adds Johnston. “Therefore, reptile owners can create the perfect habitat without causing stress to their pet.”

The ennoLogic eT650D infrared temperature gun is available at the ennoLogic website and at

About ennoLogic: ennoLogic is a brand of high-quality electronics products with a focus on measurement and test instruments. The brand’s goal is to offer reliable, accurate, high-quality technology products at affordable prices, backed by exceptional customer service and support. The ennoLogic brand was founded in 2013 in Eugene, Oregon.

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