Store Managers Rely on the ennoLogic Non-Contact IR Thermometer for Food Safety

Managers of in-store delicatessens, produce and frozen foods departments understand the importance of maintaining ideal temperatures of perishable food to avoid occurrences of food borne illness. Fortunately, ennoLogic’s eT650D non-contact infrared thermometer provides the solution needed with fast easy and accurate monitoring of temperatures from fresh and frozen foods to self serve hot food stations. The temperature gun can also provide instant readings on heating and refrigeration systems.

To properly manage temperatures for food safety, it is important to keep refrigeration and heating units and the foods within them out of the danger zone – temperatures between 40ºF and 140ºF. Foods at temperatures within the danger zone are at risk for growing bacteria that can pose health concerns.

To keep germs that cause food borne illnesses such as E. coli, salmonella, and listeria at bay, foods that need to be refrigerated should be under 40ºF. Frozen food should remain in the single digits in all in-store freezer units. Most hot food stations are kept at a minimum of 165ºF, as per government regulations, although food safety minimums require temperatures above 140ºF.

“Grocery store managers are able to use the eT650D infrared temperature gun to measure the temperature of the walls in refrigeration, freezer, and heating units,” says Chris Johnston of ennoLogic. “Measuring the temperature of the walls and the surface temperature of the food inside the units gives managers a good indication that all units are working properly, and foods are within the safe zones. When measuring foods in hot food stations such as soups or mashed potatoes, foods should be gently stirred from the center of the food upwards to the surface while taking a scanning measurement to ascertain uniform temperatures throughout the food.”

For most store managers and grocers, food that is “ready to eat” has the highest probability to potentially harbor bacteria that land consumers in the emergency room. These foods are typically found in the deli or produce sections. Therefore, since temperature dramatically affects the quality and safety of the food, it is crucial that managers closely monitor the temperatures of the units and the foods stored within those units.

Using ennoLogic’s eT650D infrared thermometer can provide valuable information that managers can use to measure the functionality of the refrigeration and heating units within the grocery store.

“EnnoLogic’s infrared thermometer is an easy-to-use, reliable device that managers can use to help protect the quality and safety of the food within the store and assure the safety of consumers,” adds Johnston.

About ennoLogic: ennoLogic is a brand of high-quality electronics products with a focus on measurement and test instruments. The brand’s goal is to offer reliable, accurate, high-quality technology products at affordable prices, backed by exceptional customer service and support. The ennoLogic brand was founded in 2013 in Eugene, Oregon.

Store Managers Rely on the ennoLogic Non-Contact IR Thermometer for Food Safety Print 1

Store Managers Rely on the ennoLogic Non-Contact IR Thermometer for Food Safety Print 1


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