Backlight and Laser Functions

In this video we’re going to cover how to cycle through the settings for the backlight and the lasers. These two functions are controlled by the yellow button under the display of your thermometer.

There are four possible combinations for the backlight and lasers.

They are:

1. The state that the thermometer is shipped in – both backlight and lasers are ON. Both the lasers and the backlight turn on when you press the trigger of the thermometer.

2. The first press of the yellow button – both backlight and lasers are now OFF.

3. The next press of the button will restore the backlight but not the lasers. So now when you press the trigger, the backlight of the display turns on but the lasers remain off.


4. The last setting, which turns off the backlight and turns on the lasers. So now you have no backlight on the display, but the lasers are on.

And, of course, finally, if you press the yellow button one last time, both the backlight and the lasers will be on when you press the trigger.

Now you can easily cycle through the backlight and laser functions whenever you need to adjust which features you need in the moment. You may want to turn the backlight, lasers, or both off to extend the battery life. Keep in mind that the lasers are only needed for accurate targeting, not for taking temperature readings.

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