Using the Mode Key to Cycle through the Functions

The red MODE button allows you to cycle through various functions of your thermometer.

The functions are displayed at the bottom of the display screen. Each time you press the MODE button, the thermometer cycles to the next function.

The functions are [cycle through them as you read their names]:

  • Emissivity (EMS) – Adhust the emissivity of your thermometer
  • Maximum (MAX) – Maximum temperature while scanning
  • Minimum (MIN) – Minimum temperature while scanning
  • Difference (dIF) – Difference between Max. and Min.
  • Average (AVG) – Average temperature while scanning
  • High Alarm (HAL) – Adjust the high alarm threshold temperature
  • Low Alarm (LAL) – Adjust the low alarm threshold temperature
  • Tk, a function not used in this model (Tk) and
  • Log (LOG). – Store values in the 20-location log memory

When your thermometer arrives it is preset to the EMS (emissivity) setting.

Remember, you can cycle through each of these modes just by pressing the red MODE button. Each short press advances to the next function until it cycles back to the first one. For more information on these modes please watch the corresponding videos in this tutorial, or consult the eT650D user manual.

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