How to Scan Temperatures across Surfaces with the Infrared Thermometer

There are two ways to scan with your IR thermometer. The first is to simply continue to hold down the trigger and get a continuous reading.

The second way is to use the the yellow backlight/laser button under the display to turn on hands-free mode.

To use the yellow button to initiate scanning in hands-free mode, press and hold it until you hear a short beep, then release the button. You will also see the ‘HOLD’ text in the top left corner of the display change to ‘SCAN’.

The thermometer will now scan continuously. To exit hands-free mode, press and hold down the red MODE button until ‘SCAN’ is replaced by ‘HOLD’ again, then quickly release it.

Either way you initiate scanning, while the thermometer is operating it will keep track of the minimum, maximum and average temperatures and store them. After you’re done scanning you can easily review these values by cycling to the corresponding function with the MODE button.

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