Laser Distance Meter from ennoLogic Measures Area, Distance and Volume Instantly

Whether on a home repair or remodeling project, or a commercial building construction site, ennoLogic’s newly introduced eD560L laser distance meter makes taking accurate measuements a simple, one man operation.

The laser distance meter point and shoot technology allows users to accurately measure distances across single rooms, or entire buildings with addition and subtraction features.  Several Pythagorean modes make calculations based on two or three consecutive measurements allow users to calculate area and volume.

The eD560L is designed to provide accurate measurements from either the front or the back edge of the unit and will stand on a flat surface for high accuracy stationary readings.

“Laser tape measures, as these are sometimes called, make taking tricky measurements a simple matter,” says Chris Johnston of ennoLogic.  “Whether it’s measuring the length of a wall in a high ceiling room, or the span across a series of high windows, the laser distance meter can provide accurate measurements in a matter of seconds, simply by pointing the meter and taking a few readings,” said Johnston.  “It makes what were formerly complex two man operations with tape measures much faster, one man jobs, saving time, money and frustration for the average homeowner or construction foreman.”

ennoLogic laser distance meter is an infrared tape measure. Laser Tape Measuring is easier than standard tape measures

The ennoLogic laser distance meter uses laser light and measuring software to accurately measure distances up to 196 feet or 60 meters with an accuracy rating of within 1/64th of an inch, or 1.5 millimeters.  The Pythagorean mode allows users to measure vertical distances or hard-to-reach areas. A clear line of sight between the user and the points to be measured are all that is required for accurate measurements.

Laser tape meters are handy for measuring tasks that involve hard to reach or awkward areas, such as around objects, through stairwells or extreme heights. They are often used to accomplish such tasks as  determining the center of a bare wall for furniture or decorative art, photo, lighting or other accessory placement. Users include shop display case designers, art gallery owners, carpenters, drywall hangers, carpet installers and other professionals who rely on accurate measurements in their work.

About ennoLogic: ennoLogic is a brand of high-quality electronics products with a focus on measurement and test instruments. The brand’s goal is to offer reliable, accurate, high-quality technology products at affordable prices, backed by exceptional customer service and support. The ennoLogic brand was founded in 2013 in Eugene, Oregon.

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November 22, 2017

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