No Forge Maker Challenge 2018


The Making Time Podcast and ennoLogic are proud to announce the  No Forge Maker Challenge

For this Makers Challenge, the task is to make metal bend to your will –  without a commercial forge.

You’re free to heat and manipulate the metal as you wish – and to incorporate as little or as much metal in your build as you choose – but you cannot use a commercial forge to work your metal.

Homemade charcoal forging, coffee can propane forges or just heating the metal in a fire is all acceptable, just no commercial forge.

And of course you must document your work.

EnnoLogic will be publishing all entries in the new Makers Gallery after the challenge is closed for judging, and winners will be highlighted on the Winners Gallery Page.

Complete rule for the No Forge Challenge 2018 are listed below:

Making Time Podcast No Forge Challenge 2018

Challengers are tasked to build something out of metal without the aid of a commercial forge. This means that part of your build must require the metal to be heated. This could include something as simple as heating a bar with a map gas torch then bending it to create drawer pulls, or crafting a custom knife from a raw bar of steel. You can build a makeshift charcoal forge, a coffee can propane forge, or just toss some metal into a fire and heat it enough to make it submit to your will.

The No Forge Challenge will take place over a 30-day period, (Through October 6th), and is open to anyone willing to take on the challenge. Challengers are required to document their project with photos or videos, and their entries must be submitted to the Making Time Website by 11:59PM October 6, 2018. Judging will take place over the next 15-days, and we will announce the winner live on YouTube on Saturday October 20th.


First PlaceTraditional Blacksmithing Hammer By Paul Pinto BlacksmithingennoLogic eT1050D Dual Laser Infrared ThermometerennoLogic Moisture Meter eH710T, Making Time Powdercoated Stainless Tumbler, Guest Appearance On The Making Time Podcast

et1050d infrared thermometer ennologic temperature gun with gift set   eH710T ennoLogic moisture meter in Hold mode




Second Place
ennoLogic eT1050D Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer, ennoLogic Moisture Meter eH710T, Making Time Powdercoated Stainless Tumbler

Third PlaceennoLogic eT1050D Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer Starbond CA Glue Kit

Fourth PlaceennoLogic eT1050D Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer, Starbond CA Glue Kit

Fifth PlaceennoLogic eT1050D Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer, Starbond CA Glue Kit


Eric Leong – Forged in Fire  Season 3, Episode 6  Runner Up

Paul Brach – Forged in Fire  Season 4, Episode 12  Runner Up

Mark Hopper Forged In Fire Season 5, Episode 6  Champion

Jessica Collins Forged in Fire Season 5, Episode 6  Champion


Links to Judge’s Sites

Mark and Jessica Forged In Fire Champions from Goat & Hammer Forge

Mark and Jessica Goat & Hammer Instagram

Paul Brach Forged in Fire Runner Up

Paul Brach Knives Instagram

Eric Anthony Leong Forged In Fire Runner Up

Eric Anthony Productions


All Prizes are sponsored by ennologic, Paul Pinto, Starbond, and The Making Time Podcast.

Check out Paul Pinto on Youtube and Instagram.