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FAQ – Moisture Meter eH710T

It depends. If the moisture content of the material you’re measuring is higher than the highest value of the range you selected (for example 47.9% for setting 2), the meter will read “Hi” and remain on “Hi”. However, the meter may read “Hi” initially when measuring very moist materials. If the moisture content does not exceed the range, the meter will settle on a value within a few seconds (typically less than 5).

We recommend material setting 1 (see manual). To determine moisture content, the meter measures the electrical impedance of the test material. Different settings are required to account for the difference of impedance in different materials. This meter has settings for wood, carpet, dry wall, concrete etc.
Because there is such a wide range of carpet types and pads, it is not impossible to provide moisture-to-impedance correlations for all of them. This is why we recommend setting 1 which has the widest moisture range.
So, while you will not be able to get an exact moisture percentage you will be able to determine dry, moist or wet conditions. This is also why we recommend testing a known dry area of the carpet first to establish a reference. In this way you can use this meter on carpets to determine the extent of flood damage, discover cracks in the foundation causing water seepage, or to discover pet accidents.

Press the arrow button to choose the desired material. The material number (1-7) will be displayed along with either the wood or building material symbol.

Properly seasoned firewood should have a moisture content of 15-20% to ensure optimal burning for high heat and low smoke output.

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