Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Laser Levels and Distance Meters eD560L


No it does not. It only displays decimal inches and feet, such as 1.625. To convert to fractions, we recommend the following tools:

The Pythagorean modes (there are three of them) can be used to indirectly measure places that are either hard to access or difficult to measure directly with the meter. It’s based on the fact that measuring two sides of a right triangle allows you to calculate the length of the third side. For example: you can measure the height of a building by making one horizontal measurement close to the ground, and another one at an angle to the top edge of the building. The meter then calculates and displays the height of the building from your two measurements. To learn more about the different Pythagorean modes, check out the user manual, it explains these and other modes like “Area” and “Volume” in detail.
Press the bottom-left button and watch the symbol in the top left corner of the LCD display. Every button press toggles between the two options. The symbol on the display will indicate which edge is used as reference edge.

Yes, there is. Simply press and HOLD the red “MEAS” button. The laser distance meter will switch to continuous mode and will beep each time it takes a new measurement. The distance displayed will update accordingly. To exit this scanning mode, press the “MEAS” button again briefly.

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