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Get fast, accurate and easy to read measurements for a wide range of applications with the eM860T TRMS multimeter.

The eM860T accurately measures AC and DC voltage and current, resistance, capacitance, temperature, frequency, and duty cycle, as well as continuity, diodes, and features a non-contact voltage detect. This meter allows auto or manual ranging, relative measurement, max/min display and data hold.


eM860T TRMS Digital MultimeterFinding shorts, testing wiring and general troubleshooting is easy with the eM860T multimeter

Whether you’re diagnosing a faulty breaker in an electrical panel, a bad wire in a wall outlet or simply testing a battery, the eM860T gives you all the versatility you need.

Use this multimeter to detect shorts using the continuity function – the meter will beep when there is a short or very low resistance.

Or find a break in an extension cord with the Non-Contact Voltage Detect function. Simply run the top of the meter along the insulated cord – when the meter stops beeping you have located the break in the wires.

Avoid expensive technician bills by doing simple HVAC diagnostics yourself

Whether it’s your air conditioner or a geothermal heat pump, malfunctions can be costly and time consuming.

With the eM860T you can quickly diagnose potential problems and save money. Find and replace blown fuses, faulty start and run capacitors, and fix other minor issues and avoid unnecessary expensive service technician visits.

Diagnose automotive electrical systems and easily test your battery, fuses, lights, fan motor and more with the ennoLogic eM860T Multimeter

This multimeter can measure DC voltages very accurately and with auto-ranging, so getting into the electrical system of your car is a simple as setting the device to the DC Voltage function, plugging in your test leads and taking measurements.

Whether your windshield wiper motor isn’t working or one of your tail lights is out, or a door switch has gone intermittent, use the wiring diagram for your car and test at various locations in the circuit between your battery and the faulty component to narrow down where the problem is. Use the Voltage measurement function to find where a circuit loses power, and use Ohm and Continuity checker functions to find shorted, broken or corroded wires.

Another feature of the eM860T multimeter that comes in handy when troubleshooting cars is its ability to measure temperatures. Plug in the included temperature probe, and measure the temperature of your AC, coolant hose, muffler and other components. If attaching the probe to the component you want to measure is difficult you can use a non-contact thermometer instead that makes this task a lot easier.

eM860T True RMS-Digital Multimeter with probesQuick and Easy

  1. Install the batteries
  2. Press the Power button
  3. Select your measurement function
  4. Plug in the test leads
  5. Connect the leads to your test circuit
  6. In seconds you’re measuring whatever it is you need to measure safely, accurately and quickly. So simple even a novice can use it!


  • Professional multipurpose multimeter for electricians, home and automotive uses, and electronic projects
  • Large easy-to-read display with 6000 counts for high accuracy
  • Relative measurement function, Max/Min display, and data hold function
  • Auto-ranging, but can be switched to manual ranging as well
  • Bright backlight (15 seconds.)
  • Auto-power off after 15 minutes (can be disabled by user)
  • TRMS (True Root Mean Square) values for all AC measurements
  • Very accurate millivolt range: accurate to 0.5% of reading
  • Microamp (600uA, 6000uA), Milliamp (60mA,600mA), and Amp (6A,10A) current ranges
  • Small burden voltage in uA and mA current ranges for better accuracy: shunt resistance of 100Ohms for uA ranges and 1 Ohm for mA ranges
  • Fast response and quick power up
  • Fast resistance measurements at accuracies of 0.5% for most resistance ranges (1.5% above 6MOhm). Also features audible continuity check and diode test function.
  • Non-contact voltage detect function is useful for voltage detection in power cords, circuit breakers, electrical fixtures, outlets and switches (bar display and beeper.)
  • Compliant with IEC 61010-1:2001, CAT III 1000V and CAT VI 600V overvoltage standards.
  • Durable heavy-duty housing with protective rubber sleeve for mechanical protection.
  • Comes with carrying case, user manual, 9V battery, test leads, and Type K thermocouple probe for temperature readings.
  • 10-Year warranty, hassle-free replacement guarantee, and 100% money-back guarantee


  • DC Voltage: 600mV/6V/60V/600V/1000V
  • AC Voltage: 600mV/6V/60V/600V/750V (True RMS)
  • DC and AC Current: 600uA/6000uA/60mA/600mA/6A/10A
  • Resistance: 600/6k/60k/600k/6M/60M (low burden voltage: uA shunt 100 Ohm, mA shunt 1 Ohm)
  • Capacitance: 6nF/60nF/600nF/6uF/60uF/600uF/6mF
  • Logic frequency and Duty Cycle: 1Hz-1MHz
  • Linear frequency: 6HZ~10KHZ
  • Diode Test (incl. LEDs)
  • Continuity Test (beeper)
  • Non-Contact Voltage Detect (bar graph and beeper)
  • Temperature: -200C..1200C
  • Relative Measurement, Max/Min, Data Hold
  • Rated for 1000V CAT III and 600V CAT IV with separately fused current inputs
  • Power: 9V battery (incl.), auto-power off after 15min.


pdf  ennoLogic eM860T True RMS Digital Multimeter User Manual

pdf  ennoLogic eM860T True RMS Digital Multimeter Quickstart Guide


Package Contents

ennoLogic eM860T TRMS Digital Multimeter with case

  • eM860T TRMS Multimeter
  • Test Leads
  • Thermocouple Probe
  • Detailed 50-page User Manual (engl.)
  • 9V Battery
  • Carrying case

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Donald Huff
Great 👍

Used this immediately upon arrival and was impressed!
This item has functions most others do not, which is a plus all the way around. Thanks ennoLogic for a great product.

James P Shannon III
Great Meter, outstanding performance!

Man, I was kinda shy about buying any meter but a Fluke, but when the EnnoLogic eM860T came on sale on Amazon, for a good price, and it had a 10 year warranty, I couldn't resist. After I received my meter, I registered it, not more than a half hour later I get a call from a lady at EnnoLogic welcoming me to the family, and reassuring me about the 10 year warranty, WOW, I was blown away, Fluke never called me when I bought and registered a new meter, WTF!! Well, onto testing, you know I had to put my new meter through it's paces, checking voltages AC/DC, setup a milliamp loop with a small LED as my load, checked the HZ function, checked the temp with the included probe, continuity check........ After it passed with flying colors on every function it had, I accidentally gave it a drop test from the kitchen table when I slipped and knocked it off the table, and it passed that test too. All and all this meter is a good little meter for the money, it does everything that all the high priced meters do, and it's just as fast and accurate as those, too. I'm glad I bought it, it's my main go to meter, I have 3 more meters and a clamp meter, their nothing like this ennoLogic meter, I mean each meter has a function, like capacitance, that's why I bought it, and another meter measures DC amps, and the clamp meter can measure up to 600 amps AC, so each meter has it's own little place in my toolbox, but the eM860AT(ennoLogic) is my all around meter I use it for basic troubleshooting and measurement wherever I can. The warranty is awesome, 10 years, no one offers something like that, unless they have faith in their product, makes you feel good inside whenever you use it, you know, "Hey, I'm covered, if something goes wrong!" Thanks ennoLogic!!!

Kris H
Repeat buyer, we have almost 10 units now

Great alternative to the Fluke's and KS for small businesses.

Daniel W.

The meter seems to function well, is accurate, and easy to use. The test leads have tiny metal points at the ends. Good for making measurements in circuits but inadequate for other activities such as measuring AC outlet voltages or attaching clip leads to measure current. So... I bought the add-on lead set recommended by Amazon but the additional leads fit too loosely into the meter resulting in erratic measurements.

Jim S.

The eM860T is a quality meter, I like how it operates and makes precise measurements. I also like the manufacturers warranty of 10 yrs. They really stand behind their product. I put the meter to use on an amplifier I was repairing the day I got it in the mail, it helped me solve what was wrong with the amp. I was kinda skeptical at first , a quality true rms multimeter for 60 bucks, come on. But it proved its metal the first day out of the box.

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