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Measure and record sound levels anywhere!

Check the decibels of any noise source at your workplace, in your neighborhood or at home. And with this instrument you can even record data so you have the data to prove it.


Test if a Noise Source in Your Neighborhood or at Work is Dangerously Loud

The ennoLogic eS528L is a professional sound level meter that provides reliable decibel readings over a range of 30 to 130 dBA with an accuracy of ±1.5dB. The large backlit display is easy to read from anywhere and in any environment. Use this instrument to measure and record noise levels in offices, factories, in your neighborhood or at home.

Use this Decibel Sound Level Meter to Get Convincing Data

You might want some solid data to convince your coworkers that they should wear ear protection at the worksite. Or fine tune your audio system at home. Or make sure your new aftermarket exhaust is operating below the maximum permissible noise level limits. The uses are endless, and you’ll soon find yourself walking around your home checking the sound level of everything.


  • THE ENNOLOGIC DECIBEL METER provides accurate sound level (decibels or loudness) readings from 30 to 130 dB with ±1.5 dB accuracy. It is the ideal tool to discover if something at your workplace or in your neighborhood is too loud, potentially causing hearing damage. Loudness is highly subjective and difficult to determine without proper equipment. Use this Type 2 decibel meter to get convincing data for any situation.
  • AVOID OR RESOLVE DISPUTES WITH YOUR NEIGHBORS: Monitor and record noise levels in your neighborhood and outdoor traffic in your area. Check how loud your car audio is. Make sure your aftermarket exhaust is below the noise ordinance limits. Check the decibel level of leaf blowers, weed eaters, lawn mowers, and tractors. Know the actual sound level in decibels before talking to your neighbors.
  • DETERMINE IF YOUR WORKPLACE IS SAFE: Do you need to prove to your coworkers that a noise source at your workplace is too loud and causes hearing damage? Monitor sound levels on a construction site? Now you can monitor and record sound levels of machines or equipment, or perform area noise monitoring anywhere. Unlike other meters, the ennoLogic eS528L can record noise levels for hours or days for later review and to provide supporting data.
  • VERY USEFUL AT HOME: Balance the outputs of your home theater speakers, not easily done by ear. Sound proof doors and windows. Measure how quietly your air conditioning runs, or sound levels of home appliances. Or take this meter to a store to compare the noise level of appliances or air conditioners before purchasing.
  • RELIABLE AND ROBUST DECIBEL METER: Measurement range 30-130 dBA, accurate to ±1.5 dB. A and C frequency weighting. Fast and slow response. MAX reading display and ANALOG BAR GRAPH DISPLAY. Analog outputs (DC and AC). Large 1.5” LCD display with BACKLIGHT, easy to read even from a distance. Tripod mount (tripod not included). External power option. Auto power off. Comes with 9V battery, Software CD, USB cable and user manual. 10 YEAR WARRANTY.


  • Measurement range: 30~130 dBA
  • Accuracy: +1.5 dB (reference sound pressure standard 94dB @ 1KHz)
  • Standard: IEC61672-1:2013 Class 2
  • Frequency response: 31.5~8KHz
  • Resolution: 0.1dB
  • Frequency weighting: A/C
  • 3 ½ digit LCD with analog bar graph
  • Sampling rate: FAST: 125ms, SLOW: 1s
  • Analog signal output (AC and DC)
  • Power: 9V battery (~12 hours recording time) or external via USB for long term recordings
  • Data recording: internal memory of 32000 data points, programming and upload via USB and software (Windows only!)
  • Size: 8.5”x2.5”x1.25”
  • Weight: 8.8 oz (250 g) including battery

Package Contents

eS528L ennoLogic Decibel Meter with data recording

  • eS528L Decibel Meter
  • User manual
  • 9V battery
  • USB interface cable
  • Software CD (Windows PC only)

Documentation and Software


pdf  ennoLogic eS528L Decibel Meter User Manual

pdf  ennoLogic eS528L Decibel Meter Software Manual (Smart Logger 2)
pdf  ennoLogic eS528L Decibel Meter PREVIOUS VERSION Software Manual (Smart Logger)


Latest Release (Smart Logger 2)

 ennoLogic eS528L Decibel Meter Software Download – Version V2023.01.11.0959 

USB Driver for Windows versions OTHER THAN Windows 10

If you are NOT using Windows 10, you may need to install the following USB driver (see software manual available for download in Documentation section above). But do NOT install this driver if you are using Windows 10, you will not need it and installing it may cause the USB communication with the meter to stop functioning:

 USB Driver for older versions of Windows – Do NOT install on Windows 10 systems

Previous Version (Smart Logger)

If you have any issues using our new version of the software (Smart Logger 2, released in December 2022), please use this previous version for now, and report any issues to us via email at [email protected]

 ennoLogic eS528L Decibel Meter – OLD Software Version Download – Version 2021.05.24.1147 

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Jamie Jamison
Nice meter, too bad that the Windows software is garbage.

The Windows software that comes with this meter is garbage, seriously, it is a terrible piece of code and the devs who wrote it should be ashamed of themselves. This morning, for no particular reason, the SmartLogger software decided to forget about the existence of my eS528L. Instead it decided to detect it as a new device. I played along and added the eS528L back to the system only to find out that the SmartLogger software now thinks that my eS528L is some kind of temperature and humidity meter. I've gone through the usual Windows rigamarole of restarting the system, removing and then adding the device again and no luck, as far as the Smart Logger software is concerned this is a temperature and humidity meter. Without the ability to capture and record sound pressure levels this device is nothing more than a standalone handheld SPL meter, and if you need one of those you can save $50 bucks and just buy a standalone SPL meter. Don't waste your money on this piece of junk.

Mike B
Worked good for a while

Worked for a couple of months. Now it will NOT record. The Smart Logger program will NOT detect the meter.
Don't waste your $$.
My Motorola Ultra 4.0 Android has a better low frequency than this meter.

Michael Wech
Decent Meter - Incomplete Software

The meter is ok , but the software will only work on windows. That sucks. You need a mac version.

Francis Williams

Units seams to work well software could do with being more flexible would be really nice to put notes onto the graph eg next to peters desk or next to printer Z ultimately it means importing onto another program and adding the details wanted

Ronald P.

Works great !!

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