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Insulation Tester 50/100/250/500/1000V – 50k to 2G Megohmmeter and Multimeter


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The ennoLogic eM870M is a megohmmeter (insulation tester) and multimeter combined into one handheld instrument. An insulation tester is used to test the insulation of electrical systems. It applies a high voltage across the insulation and measures how much current is flowing. The better the insulation, the less current will flow, and the higher the insulation resistance will be. Insulation can deteriorate over time, which can lead to equipment breakdown. Periodic insulation tests performed as part of regular maintenance can prevent this.

The eM870M lets you choose from five different test voltages in the range of 50V to 1000V. Use it to test insulation and troubleshoot motors, transformer windings, relays, switches, circuit breakers, electric installations, and appliances. Insulation testers are used to check for moisture buildup in cables and wiring which can lead to equipment failure.

The product package includes one eM870M insulation multimeter, two pairs of test leads (one for attaching alligator clips), two alligator clips, one thermocouple probe, six AAA batteries, carrying case, and a detailed user manual (in English).

In stock

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  • Megohmmeter and professional multimeter combined into one precision instrument: Measure insulation resistance from 50kOhm to 2 Gigaohms with test voltages of 50V, 100V, 250V, 500V, or 1000V. The large backlit 5000 counts LCD display is easy to read and displays test voltage output and insulation resistance simultaneously. The meter is rated for 1000V CAT III installations.
  • With the eM870M you are not only getting an insulation tester but also a professional multimeter loaded with functions and features: Measures AC and DC voltage and current (True RMS for AC), Resistance, Continuity, Diode Test, Temperature (a thermocouple probe is included), Logic and Linear Frequencies, and even Capacitance.
  • This multimeter is powered by 6 AAA batteries. Auto-power off after 15 minutes to save battery life, but this feature can be disabled by the user. Autorange and Manual range, as well as Max, Min and Hold functions.
  • Package includes: one eM870M, two sets of test leads, alligator clips, one thermocouple probe, six AAA batteries, carrying case, and detailed user manual. 10-year Warranty.


  • DC Voltage: 0.1mV~1000V, ± (0.1%+2digits)
  • AC Voltage: 0.1mV~1000V, ± (0.8%+4digits)
  • DC Current: 0.1uA~500mA, ± (0.2%+2digits)
  • AC Current: 0.1uA~500mA, ± (0.8%+4digits)
  • Resistance: 0.1Ω~50MΩ, ± (0.3%+5digits)
  • Capacitance: 0.1nF ~1000μF, ± (2%+4digits)
  • Linear Frequency/Duty cycle: 5Hz~200KHz, ± (4digits)
  • Logic Frequency (Vp 2..5V): 5Hz~2MHz, ± (4digits)
  • Insulation: Range: 50kΩ~2GΩ, Test Voltages: 50,100,250,500,1000V, Accuracy: ± (1.5..3%+5digits)
  • Diode Test & Continuity
  • Power: 6x 1.5V AAA (included). Auto-Power-Off.
  • Size: 7.8” x 3.9” x 1.6”
  • Weight: 560g/19.7oz incl. Batteries


pdf  ennoLogic eM870M Insulation Tester User Manual


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