the ultimate emissivity table

The Ultimate Emissivity Table

In one of our past articles, we have introduced the concept of emissivity and how a material’s emissivity affects the accuracy of our temperature gun readings. You may have experienced discrepancies when reading temperatures of rare or shiny materials. In our previous emissivity article, you discovered that different materials may require different emissivity settings in

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bug out bag essentials so you don't miss anything important for your survival

10 Bug Out Bag Essentials 🎒 for the Zombie Apocalypse🧟

Okay, so maybe there won’t be a zombie apocalypse… 🤥 But you should still be prepared for the unexpected. Depending on your location on the planet there are all kinds of unexpected and unpleasant possibilities these days, and sadly, they seem to be increasing. Whether it’s a wildfire, tsunami, tornado, an earthquake, volcanic eruption, a hurricane,

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Woman Bakes a Perfect Pizza witht he ennoLogic IR Thermometer to Measure her Pizza Stone.

🍕 Perfect Pizza Made Easy with a Laser Temperature Gun

Perhaps there is no better-loved food in all the world than a piping hot, crispy, crunchy gooey cheesy perfect pizza. Whether your favorite is Hawaiian with Canadian bacon and pineapple, a Gorgonzola extravaganza, Vegan ‘alt-cheese’ and fresh tomatoes, peppers and ripe olives, a white sauce specialty with chicken, or a spicy pepperoni –  just thinking

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eH710T ennoLogic moisture meter in Hold mode

Using the Moisture Meter Material Setting

Getting Started The ennoLogic Moisture Meter eH710T allows you to measure many different types of materials for moisture content, including wood, drywall, carpet, concrete, and many more. The meter’s material setting has 7 different materials to choose from.

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Moisture Meter: 8 Reasons You Need It in Your Home Toolbox

Reserve a Space for the Moisture Meter in Your Home Toolbox Pretty much everyone knows you should have a home toolbox with a few essential items ready to use. Things like a good hammer, screwdrivers, a set of socket wrenches, a good pipe wrench, a roll of duct tape. Stuff like that. But a moisture meter?

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The eT1050D Infrared Thermometer with expanded temperature range up to 1922°F/1000°C is an excellent tool for high temperature automotive diagnostics. Also called a Laser Temperature Gun

Dual Laser Infrared Thermometer eT1050D

Features Dual Laser for precise targeting High Temperature Range up to 1922°F Easy to read LCD display with white backlight Fast response time with Min/Max display Adjustable emissivity provides increased accuracy for different materials Adjustable High/Low set points with audible alarm Lock feature for continuous readings Retains user settings for laser, backlight, and °C/°F Double

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eM860T TRMS Digital Multimeter

True RMS Digital Multimeter eM860T

Features Professional multipurpose multimeter for electricians, home and automotive uses, and electronic projects Large easy-to-read display with 6000 counts for high accuracy Relative measurement function, Max/Min display, and data hold function Auto-ranging, but can be switched to manual ranging as well Bright backlight (15 seconds.) Auto-power off after 15 minutes (can be disabled by user) TRMS (True Root Mean

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