No matter how you plan to use your Himalayan salt block, you will want to know what temperature it is when you are cooking, chilling or serving fresh foods with it. Use the ennoLogic eT650D infrared non-contact thermometer to get an instant, accurate and safe reading of the temperature of your salt block. The eT650D allows you to point and shoot from a safe distance to determine the precise temperature of your salt block and to tell if that temperature is uniform throughout the block.

Simply aim the temperature gun at an oblique (shallow) angle across the surface of the block from a distance of approximately 8 to 12 inches. Use the dual lasers to give you the visual feedback to know exactly where on the salt block your measurement is being taken. You can also see how narrow, or wide, an area you are targeting. You can take a few individual readings across the surface, or hold the trigger and watch the temperature for variations as you ‘scan’ the surface of the block. If the block is heated on a grill surface or beneath a broiler, the temperatures closest to the heat source will naturally heat faster, and you will want to measure the temperatures on the surfaces furthest away from the heat source to determine if the heat has penetrated the entire salt block.

Be sure to follow instructions carefully for the best ways to heat and chill your salt blocks for long life and to handle them with the proper protective gloves and equipment when they reach very high or very low temperatures. Salt is naturally very low in moisture and retains temperature well, so be aware that a hot salt block will stay hot for quite some time, and use your infrared thermometer to check the temperature before assuming it has cooled enough to be handled safely.

Himalayan salt blocks are wonderful for cooking and serving all sorts of foods, and provide excellent flavor as well as a full array of the essential minerals our bodies need for optimal health.

So, whether you’re grilling steaks or chilling a fresh salad or quick toss custard on your salt slab, you can be confident your salt is at just the right temperature using the non contact eT650D thermometer. You can even set it to continuously scan the block hands free and sound an alarm if the temperature rises or falls outside of your desired range.

To do this, use the ‘MODE’ button to cycle to the HAL and LAL settings on the ennoLogic IR thermometer, and set the values on these two settings for the highest and lowest temperature values of your chosen temperature range. Once you’ve selected your temperature range, set the thermometer to continuously scan by holding down the yellow button until the device beeps. The scan symbol in the top left corner will begin flashing indicating the device is now continuously updating. To turn the hands free mode off, press the ‘MODE’ button until the ‘scan’ indicator in the top left returns to ‘HOLD’.

While the device is in the hands free mode and placed so that it is scanning the salt block, it will sound an alarm if the block of salt moves outside of the preset temperature range. This makes it safe and easy to monitor a hot salt block from a safe distance and to ensure your block retains the temperature needed for cooking or chilling foods. For anyone serious about using a Himalayan salt block or slab for grilling or chilling delicious, healthy dishes, the ennoLogic non-contact infrared thermometers offer a reliable, simple and effective way to monitor and track salt slabs, blocks and plate temperatures.