Great Uses for Your ennoLogic Dual Laser Temperature Gun

The ennoLogic infrared thermometer with dual laser is the perfect tool for measuring temperature in a variety of applications. It’s great for measuring the temperature of hard to reach air conditioning and heating vents, and for checking for heat loss around your home.

The laser thermometer can save you thousands of dollars in repair bills by giving you accurate information about your heating and cooling system. Don’t be fooled into replacing an air conditioning system if the problem is just a blower fan or burned out motor for the circulation fan.

Check the temperature of the air leaving the vents even if they’re twenty feet off the ground, with the simple point and shoot temperature gun. Use the dual lasers to correctly sight and target the exact location you wish to measure and in no time at all, without needing even a step stool, you’ll have the information you need to know how your heating and cooling system is functioning.

The surface thermometer is a great tool for car troubleshooting too. Accurately measure the temperature of your car’s cooling system, the return line on the radiator, or even the temperature of the individual pistons of the engine to find bad spark plugs or adjust faulty sparking.

The eT650D non-contact dual laser infrared thermometer can give you this sort of reading with precision and ease. The IR thermometer allows you to point, shoot and record the temperatures of all the components of your engine and will even let you create a record to store up to 20 temperature readings for later comparison.

Fast, reliable and accurate readings that make equipment inspections and maintenance reports easy and fast. Just point the temperature gun, use the lasers to align your aim and shoot for instant temperature readings.

Wondering just how hot the pavement in your driveway gets on a hot summer day? Or the decking in your back yard?

Want to know the temperature of your reptile terrarium or the basking rocks you’ve set up in the reptile cage? You can even measure the temperature of the substrate of your reptile enclosure with the simple point and shoot action.

Whether you’re looking for heat loss due to missing insulation around windows, doorways or in the exterior walls and roofing of your home or just want to know the temperature of your pizza stone before you slide that perfect creation into the oven, the ennoLogic dual laser infrared thermometer eT650D is the perfect tool for the job.

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